One of the crew members of Launch 5 was able to procure a police blotter for Launch 5 from the summer of 1968. The first image is an entry in the blotter from June 6th, 1968. 

Recovered Property: Ptl. Casey, pilot in charge of Launch 35 reports that 10am this date the crew of Launch #5 recovered a 32’ cabin cruiser with lic. NY**** which was adrift off Manhattan Beach. Boat towed to Sheepshead Bay and secured.

The next entry is from Saturday, June 15, 1968. Another two boats were recovered and brought to the Sheepshead Bay NYPD Base.

On June 18th, 1968, Launch 5 came to the aid of Launch 16. 

Later in the summer, on July 1st, 1968, Launch 5 collided with a boat, which eventually sank.

In the final entry of the blotter, on August 3rd, 1968, was a somber entry. A body was recovered in Sheepshead Bay. 

Ptl Manley, pilot in charge Launch #5 reports on ESD no. 1710 that at 12:20 pm Harb PI Unit (Ptl Reddan) recovered the body of one male white, 29 yrs, 5’7”, 160 lbs, black hair, blue shirt, black swim trunks, blue sneakers, tont. I.D. Joseph ***** Sh. Bklyn. Body searched by Ptl. Berardo #25036 and Ptl. Prop - 1 p/m... Supervised by Sgt. Perry 67 Pct. and left in custody of Ptl. Amabia #20342, 69 Pct. Pronounced DOA by Att. Baerza, Brookdale Hosp.